About Moi! 

.DJ Di, like many others came to Orlando to become an actor & after few successes (she liked eating & wearing nice clothes) she auditioned for a side job to become a karaoke host way back when karaoke was a dirty word. When DJ Di started bringing karaoke to Orlando venues, many didn't even know what it was & those who did, didn't want it in their favorite bar! The thought of drunk people singing off-key was much too much to bear!

But DJ Di promised a little more than that. Using her theatre training & wit, she infused her shows with comedy & her own vocal prowess at impersonations(Cher, Tina, & more) & she turned her gigs into real shows, much like those variety shows she grew up watching on TV! Soon amazing singers began sharing their talents & new-to-karaoke singers were becoming transformed into amazing entertainers & no one questioned her special brand of karaoke! She has been at Big Daddy's (Orlando's #1 karaoke bar) for 16 years & even found herself on Oprah for a minute!

Today, she is an award winning KJ/DJ including being voted one of Orlando's best entertainers by Orlando Magazine & was even voted Best KJ in the country in 2012! She considers her biggest award is the love of her DJ Di-hards & she still loves what she thought was just supposed to be a side job that turned into a career!


If you know or have learned anything about DJ Di ever, then you know how important giving back is to her. So please consider when making your donations to organizations who do good work, the ones DJ Di supports. Follow links on left (or below on mobile) to give directly or you can always give when DJ Di donates her tips to many of these charities (which is often).